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At Alexander Jacob Property Management we pride ourselves in offering bespoke letting packages alongside our Award Winning full lettings management package which includes rent collection and a full comprehensive property management service. Great care is taken over the selection and referencing of tenants with substantial background checks undertaken. We feel it is only right we provide the highest standard of professional service to all of our clients and work hard to maintain and deliver excellent customer care all round.

Alexander Jacob Property Management

Our dedicated Rentals Manager & Staff have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the lettings and property management industry, together with numerous qualifications and experience with expert knowledge of the local & surrounding areas, our professional yet friendly service can be tailor made and organised to suit the needs of all landlords and Tenants alike. Our goal is not just to maintain our high levels of service and professionalism but to consistently put your mind at rest that you have chosen the right company to service your needs, take care of your home/Tenant and keep your mind at rest knowing we have everything covered all under one roof and you can relax.

We operate our letting service on a NO LET, NO FEE basis, if we don’t find you a Tenant there is no withdrawal fee charged. Our fees are competitive and printed clearly within our terms & agreements which are also available to view in our office alongside the paper and digital copy you will receive. All parts of our Landlord Agreement will be fully explained and shown to you from the moment you walk through our door with no nasty hidden fee’s or small print designed to catch you out. 

Landlords Services

Agreements Provided

An up to date comprehensive and fully signed/witnessed Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement will be prepared between the Landlord/s and Tenant/s. The Landlord/s and Tenant/s will both be provided with a copy of the agreement with the Landlord/s copy remaining safely stored in our Retford Office on Grove Street.

The Tenancy Agreements are initially for a fixed period of 6 months but can be tailored made to offer a longer period if required. There is also the option to renew at the end of the first fixed term again for just 6 months or for longer with a third option of allowing the contract to run onto Statutory (month to month basis) Tenancy. Alexander Jacob Property Management accepts no responsibility for an agreement introduced by another party/agent.

Alexander Jacob Advertising Your Property

We prepare each property file in house and with our unique listing system we ensure the best information and star items of your rental property are always shown to make the property stand out against the rest making it clear for Tenants to read up on the qualities of your rental property. Using our high spec camera’s and drones we will take plenty of property/garden/land photos, advertising in the local Newspaper(s), and also offering an eye catching To Let Board service if requested.

With either our tailor-made Tenant Find packages or our Fully Managed Services your property will be actively advertised across Rightmove.uk, Zoopla, On The Market.com, Prime Location and our very own Alexander Jacob website. Not only that but your property will be linked into our social media network across our Facebook and Twitter accounts. We pride ourselves on being the only local Retford Agent to Show Case your property across all these platforms whilst ensuring we circulate all details through our data base of active tenants to secure you a ‘Let’ on your property ASAP.

Tenant/s References

Prospective Tenant/s will be fully vetted by a professional independent referencing company (Credit Safe Uk) which will assess their suitability and credit worthiness with a detailed listing of not just their current credit score but their financial history relating to CCJ’s and Bankruptcy’s all to ensure we find the best Tenant/s for you.  In certain circumstances where an applicant may fall short we shall obtain (and credit check) a guarantor for the prospective Tenant and ensure all background checks are returned as satisfied before progressing further with an application. The landlord will always have the ultimate decision on whether a tenant is acceptable for tenancy of their property. Alexander Jacob Property Management cannot directly guarantee the credit worthiness or future conduct of the prospective Tenant/s.

Background checks also include, Employment References, Accountant References, National Insurance details and Photographic I.D. Previous Landlord/Agency Checks are always carried out and a Personal Reference obtained where necessary.

Rental Payments

Each month we will produce a paper copy ‘monthly rental statement’ which will be stored on file and a copy will then be generated and sent out to you as the Landlord either via post or email. All payments unless otherwise specified will be made by electronic bank transfer to your nominated bank account. Any change of address or change in bank details must be provided immediately to keep our systems up to date.

We collect rent 6 days in advance from your Tenant/s to ensure your rent is always paid to you on time and in full without delay. Putting your mind at rest that each month on the anniversary date of the AST Agreement you can expect your rent to be paid into your account. Another reason why Landlords choose Alexander Jacob Property Management and our Award Winning ‘Gold Member’ Service as certified by the British Property Awards 2018.

Quarterly Property Inspections

By choosing our fully managed property service we will routinely inspect the property every three months, providing you with a property inspection report after each visit. Selecting a tailor-made package, we will agree terms for routine inspections and build this into your service plan. We may also visit the property at other times should the Tenant require ourselves to look at any problems or defects that are brought to our attention.

The reason we inspect as often as we do is to ensure we look at the condition of the property for any dilapidation or lifestyle issues affecting the property that can be avoided or reported before they worsen and we like to ensure Tenant/s safety by testing the smoke alarms. Although smoke alarms remain the sole responsibility of the Tenant/s during the let we rest easy knowing these checks have been carried out.

Final Inspections / Check Out Procedure

At the point where we have received either from the Landlord or Tenant/s a notice to vacate or regain possession (two full rental months’ notice Landlord or one full rental months’ notice Tenant only if the initial 6 month tenancy agreement is on Statutory ‘rolling monthly’) will we carry out a Final Inspection on any managed property at the end of the agreed tenancy with a meter reading utility form service supplied free of charge. This option can apply to those wanting to make a bespoke letting package with Alexander Jacob Property Management.

Tenants will be informed in writing together with a checklist of what is expected to be done upon vacating the property. This includes the standard of cleaning, any garden maintenance, notification to utility companies and cancellation of Standing Orders for Rent etc.

The Schedule of Conditions & Inventory with photographic evidence taken at the start of the tenancy will be used at the time of the final inspection to help assess the condition of the property following the tenancy and any deuteriation or dilapidation taking into account the duration of the tenancy and allowing for fair general wear and tear an assessment will be made for acceptable stoppages to be made from the deposit if necessary.

The security deposit held with either the DPS or TDS may be used to compensate a Landlord of any excessive dilapidation to the property. Or breach of covenants as set out in the tenancy agreement including the most obvious Non-Payment of Rent.

Legal Action

Should a Tenant/s fall behind with their rent or breach any covenants within the signed Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement, Alexander Jacob will report to the Landlord immediately. Should it be necessary to instruct solicitors to commence legal action the landlord will be responsible for instructing their own solicitor and paying their fees, but Alexander Jacob will work tirelessly to stay on top of the situation and work towards getting the problem resolved without the need for Legal Action.

Should you require more information regarding non-payment of rent or Tenant/s in breach of their tenancy agreements, please feel free to contact our office for more in depth information and find out how we might be able to help provide you a better service if you’re not happy with your current agent. 

Vacant Properties

Alexander Jacob Property Management do not supervise or manage un-let or empty properties unless your agreement with us states otherwise. No responsibility will be accepted by Alexander Jacob Property Management for the security of an un-let or empty property.


At Alexander Jacob we offer a No Let, No Fee Service for all rental properties. Should you choose to withdraw the property before it is ‘Let Agreed’ there will be no fee charged. The Landlord will remain responsible for any contractor’s invoices outstanding from instructions of work confirmed with Alexander Jacob.

Should you withdraw the property to let once a prospective tenant has been found & paid for referencing, the landlord will be liable to compensate the Tenant in full for the withdrawal of their application.

Alexander Jacob Property Management reserve the right to withdraw our property management services from a landlord at any time should the property not meet current health and safety standards, a tenancy is jeopardized by the landlord not fulfilling their repairing/maintenance obligations or a Tenant/s and Landlord/s actions become unmanageable having a direct effect on our property management services.

Tenancy Deposit Scheme’s

Legislation that came into effect 6th April 2007, dictates that all tenancy deposits retained by Landlords and Agents are required by law to be protected by a Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS).

Alexander Jacob Property Management subscribe to both The Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS) an insurance backed scheme and The Deposit

Protection Service (DPS) a Government backed custodial scheme. All deposits held are monitored, audited and secured correctly under current legislation and rulings with certification provided to all parties relevant to which scheme the Deposit is secured with.

An independent and free Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) or the Independent Case Examiner (ICE) service will aim to resolve any disputes quickly and without the need for court action.

For More information contact the Deposit Protection Service (DPS):

The Pavilions
Bridgewater Road
BS99 6AA

Tel: 0870 7071 709
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For More information contact the Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS):

Unit 1
The Progression Centre
42 Mark Road
Hemel Hempstead

Tel: 0300 037 1000
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Information for Landlords

All NALS accredited firms are part of a Client Money Protection (CMP) Scheme which offers recompense to tenants and landlords of rent, unprotected deposits or other client funds in the event that monies have been misappropriated or fraudulently used by a NALS firm.

From 1 April 2019 all lettings and management firms handling clients’ money are required to be part of a Government approved Client Money Protection (CMP) Scheme in order to continue to trade. 

NALS operates a Government approved CMP scheme AND Alexander Jacob Property Management Ltd are proud to be members of NALS and have been for over a decade now. Membership Number – Licence A3951. Approved Letting Scheme Ltd T/A National Approved Letting Scheme (NALS). Company No: 3664069. Registered Office – Cheltenham Office Park, Hatherley Lane, Cheltenham, GL51 6SH.

Repairs & Maintenance

Alexander Jacob Property Management are able to arrange quotes from our local and experienced contractors for any essential works that are required to maintain the property. We can also use contractors chosen by the Landlord specifically to carry out any work, however we reserve the right to instruct another contractor in the case of an emergency should we be unable to contact your chosen contractor.

Day to day management matters such as minor repairs (up to a maximum of £100 for one item) are undertaken without referral to the landlord if deemed necessary in our experience and the most cost-effective price has been submitted. Any expenditure over £100, except in the case of an emergency, quotations will be submitted for your approval.

Any invoices for repairs will be deducted from the rental monies received unless otherwise stated and agreed and invoice copies will be included with the monthly statement.

Landlords Information

Duties & Responsibilities of the Landlord

A prospective landlord MUST obtain the relevant written permission from the mortgagee prior to letting the property. Provide Photo Identification to the agent. Ensure the property has the correct Landlords Buildings & Public Liability Insurance. Ensure the property has a battery operated smoke alarm on each floor as a Landlords duty of care and note during the tenancy, the tenant is responsible for ensuring that smoke detectors are in working order and the batteries are replaced regularly. A Carbon Monoxide Detector Alarm is now a legal requirement ONLY where a solid fuel appliance is in use/installed. It is a recommendation that any property with a boiler in the bedroom have one supplied but we encourage all our landlords to supply one as ‘it’s better to be safe than sorry’ The Landlord/s shall indemnify the Agent against any claims arising from lack or non-compliance in regard to Smoke Alarms and Carbon Monoxide Alarms.

Ensure the supply of a television aerial and landline at the property for the connection of Aerial TV & Broadband Services. Overseas Landlords should complete the HM Revenue and Customs form NRL1 to apply to have the UK rental income paid without deduction of UK tax. Finally you should notify all service companies of the date you vacate the property including the local council tax department before handing over the keys for us to manage the property.

It is a legal requirement now to ensure an EPC Energy Performance Certificate has been produced and is on the national database at www.epcregister.com EPC’s are valid for 10 years and MUST be rated at E and above. Properties rating F&G will need to contact HIBEC Limited for further information on how to upgrade their property EOC rating. 

EICR Electrical reports and PAT testing are only recommendations and NOT a legal requirement.

Gas Safety Inspection/Certificates

The regulations place a duty on the landlord of any premises to ensure that the gas installation, flues, pipe works & appliances are maintained in a safe condition. An inspection must be carried out at least once a year by a Gas Safe Registered Gas Engineer to cover all properties using mains gas and LPG. A copy of the certificate must be provided to the tenant, a copy of which will be kept on file.

Records: Full records must be kept for at least 2 years of the inspections of each appliance and flue, of any defects found and of any remedial action taken.

Should a tenant die as a result of non-compliance not only will the Landlord face a fine and court action you could face a charge of MANSLAUGHTER.

We kindly request that any property you bring to us for management you ensure the property is well maintained and in a respectable condition, as per the Housing Act 2004 legislation and the Housing Health & Safety Rating System. Rental accommodation should be safe and hazard free – many guidelines and FAQ’s are available at www.gov.uk

It is helpful to leave information for the tenant for operating the central heating, hot water system, alarm and any appliances inside the property at the commencement of the Tenancy Agreement. The Property should be professionally cleaned throughout paying close attention to the carpets, kitchen units, curtains & windows. Gardens should be maintained and presentable with grass cut short and borders, hedges tidied back. Tenants are responsible for maintaining gardens once the Schedule of Conditions & Inventor has been signed alongside the AST.

Being Compliant with Current Regulations

The Gas Safety (Installation & Use) Regulations 1998 * The Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 1994 * The Plugs & Sockets etc. (Safety) Regulations 1994 * Smoke Detectors (The Smoke Detection Act 1991) * Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) 2008 The Furniture and Furnishings (Fire)(Safety) Regulations 1988 (Amended 1993) All upholstery and upholstered furnishings, eg sofas, armchairs, mattresses, headboards, pillows etc. supplied as part of the tenancy must comply with current fire resistance standards. Items such as carpets, curtains and bedding are not included and any furniture manufactured prior to 1950 will be exempt providing that they have not been re upholstered with any illegal filling. Such furnishings must carry the appropriate permanent labels to show that they comply.

It is the landlord’s responsibility to ensure that any furnishings which do not comply with the regulations must be removed prior to the commencement of a tenancy. Non-compliance can result in the landlord being found guilty of a criminal offence and can face a fine, imprisonment or both. It is agreed that the landlord is responsible for ensuring all non-compliant furnishings are removed prior to tenancy and indemnify the Agent against any claims for non-compliance.

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