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Selling your property can be a very long and complicated process that requires a lot of hard work.


You can easily solve this problem by instructing Alexander Jacob to sell your property in 2023.


You should hire us to do the job for you because selling a property requires specialised help. This is especially true in today's market.


Instructing Alexander Jacob to sell your property introduces you to local experts who know the Retford market inside and out, and bear the skills and necessary tools to help you sell your home.


Using agents with knowledge of the property market gives you peace of mind, saves time and costs, and most importantly helps you to swiftly complete on your sales transaction.


It is essential to hire them to sell your property, as selling your home by yourself can be a difficult and tedious task. You may even end up regretting it.


Selling a house in Retford is a complicated process that requires knowledge and expertise in many different areas.


This article will provide you with reasons why you should instruct Alexander Jacob to assist you with your sale in 2023.


Here, you can learn everything you need to know about the benefits of hiring us as your chosen estate agent.


What Are Some Of The Things That Alexander Jacob Can Do For You?


Hiring Alexander Jacob makes it much easier to sell a property. We have more to do than agree a sale, we have to ensure the sale goes through in a timely manner.


Some sellers do not wish to work with an estate agent. These property owners are confident that they can handle the sales process themselves. This is a common mistake.


Estate agents take the reins on things that usually take a lot of time and require expert skills.


Alexander Jacob can help you with the following:



  • An accurate valuation of your property


  • Preparation of the necessary documents for the sale



  • Advice on construction & contract law



  • High-quality images & editing



  • Conducting sales negotiations



  • Validation of the buyer & their funding



  • Full sales progression all the way to completion



Look at the reasons you have to instruct Alexander Jacob to sell your property in 2023.





  1. You Benefit From Their Wealth Of Experience


Anyone can instruct an estate agent. However, finding the right one for you can be a challenge. Instructing Alexander Jacob helps you benefit from our wealth of experience in the Retford market, having done business here for so many years. It also helps to avoid making costly mistakes that those who decide to sell their homes themselves make.



  1. We Use Our Knowledge Of The Process To Help You Save Time


When selling a property, your estate agent is well-versed in the procedures involved. Some of the procedures have associated legal matters as well.


Although we cannot provide legal counsel, we can offer insight and advice based on our experience.


The selling process is a long and complicated procedure. It involves advertising, liaising with potential buyers, scheduling appointments, answering phone calls, negotiating the sale and overseeing sales progression.


All of these activities must be handled by experienced professionals who know the market. Our knowledge of the processes involved can take a lot of stress off of your shoulders and help you to save time.



  1. Handling Of Contract Negotiations


Successful property negotiations require specialist knowledge, negotiating abilities and an understanding of the local market.


Special consideration must be given to matters of law and contracts that call for expert understanding.


If you work with an estate agent like Alexander Jacob, we will generate offers, form contracts and negotiate professionally.



  1. Alexander Jacob Can Act As Your Assistant


An estate agent's job is to ease the selling process for their client. Like the popular chivalrous knights, they fight to ensure that the property is safe in the hands of the rightful owners.


To put it another way, we will help you make the right choice if you are a buyer or seller.


To have the ability to put in an offer, we actively pursue purchasers and ensure they are in a financial position to proceed.



  1. You Get Advice On Your Home & What Will Help It Sell


We often spend sufficient time inspecting the property to evaluate its pros and cons.


Our knowledge of the property market can help us to spot things like the house's need for renovations or its unique selling points.


It allows for a more accurate market appraisal, and with this, we can advertise your house meaningfully using professional images and floorplans, with a realistic selling price in mind.



  1. You Receive Constant Updates On The Situation


You will have a dedicated point of contact if you instruct Alexander Jacob to sell your property in 2023.


We are available 24/7 to update you on the status of your listing and our efforts, making it easier to understand what is working best.


It is a process that keeps owners aware of the progress of the sale and contract talks.



  1. We Have A Lot Of Knowledge About Selling Houses


Estate agents even have extensive knowledge of potential purchasers in the area and know where the finer deals are.


We research similar sales in the area and make this information available to you to help guide your selling decisions.


This way, you may rest assured that we will have gathered all relevant information about the property market area's schools, safety and population.


Alexander Jacob can tell you that a house down the street went on sale for £450,000 when it was first listed, but subsequently dropped to £425,000 after 30 days.



  1. You Get Invaluable Knowledge From Experts


The help of a knowledgeable estate agent can be priceless when selling a home.


All our staff have taken enhanced training courses and excel at all aspects of the business. With this foundation and experience, we can confidently value and assist you with the sale of your home.


You can understand the current state of the market and have a solid understanding of your property's potential for profit.


We provide a framework and the prerequisites for turning a viewer into a buyer.



  1. Reasonable Estimation Of The Sale Price


Knowledge, objectivity and a thorough market understanding are vital for giving an accurate valuation.


Most owners lack the necessary expertise in the market to deliver these essential services. There is no substitute for a professional estate agent's well-informed assessment, even the most sophisticated web technologies cannot do that for you.


It is vital to use the services of an estate agent to receive an accurate valuation.



  1. You Enjoy Top Negotiation Skills & Confidentiality


Alexander Jacob’s team are great and experienced negotiators trained with some of the best techniques in the industry.


We do not act as messengers, carrying bids from potential buyers to sellers. We are pros in this field, so we know how to put our best foot forward when meeting clients and agreeing on the process.



  1. Proximity & Customer Base


An estate agent's expertise in the local housing market is a definite advantage. With regard to current market demand, we are well-positioned to know what items are and are not selling.


Alexander Jacob has a database of possible matches to draw upon when marketing the house to potential buyers. This is a distinct advantage for you.




  1. Resolve Potential Conflicting Information In Advance


We can also handle and clarify any discrepancies or questions around the property. Our job is to make your property look as appealing as possible by reducing buyers' objections.


Alexander Jacob's services will help you sell your house.



  1. We Develop Relationships For The Future


Alexander Jacob knows that referrals from satisfied clients are crucial to our success and longevity in the business. If sales alone were our only source of income, we would have been out of business by now.


We do all within our power to maintain good relationships with clients. Our 65 Google reviews are testament to this. Please see them all here:





  1. Prevent Overvaluing Of The Property

Many homeowners may be emotionally attached to their property if they have lived there for some time, and it may make a person overvalue the price of their property.


A price that is too high will likely turn off potential purchasers.


Our skilled eye will not miss any details during the property appraisal. We will help in setting the most accurate price for the property to sell promptly.



  1. After-Sale Service & Support


When you instruct Alexander Jacob to sell your house in 2023, you receive a reliable point of contact for any follow-up queries or concerns that may arise.


A great relationship built after the sale might prove priceless when it is time to sell another property.


Alexander Jacob has a support team that works with you throughout the process. We see ourselves as successful when we listen to and respond to all of your inquiries.




The process of valuing and selling a property is complex and time-consuming. This is why you should instruct Alexander Jacob to sell your property in Retford.


We can use our expertise to secure all the required documentation and provide excellent customer service. We also safeguard against overvaluations and help secure a quick sale.


These 15 reasons to instruct Alexander Jacob to sell your house in 2023 can help save your time, effort and costs, and achieve a sale in the quickest way possible.


Contact us if you have a property to sell in Retford.