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Golden paintings of the fairytale animals on the wooden ceiling in a Thai church - Alexander Jacob Houses To Rent In Retford

The rental market in Nottinghamshire is going through a really positive phase at the moment, with the East Midlands recording the fastest pace of rental growth in the 12 months to February 2018 with a rise of 2.24%. Even with the rapid growth, renting remains more affordable in both the East Midlands at an average of £626 and the East of England at £910 than the average across the UK. [1]

A crucial aspect of the rental process is attracting potential tenants to your property. A fresh-looking blank canvass is the best way for an individual to get a sense of what it will be like to live in the building; in addition to ticking the boxes of the property being well-maintained.

In this article, a first in a series on the topic of houses to rent in Retford, we shall be outlining the steps to success when it comes to repainting your property's interior walls.

The Age Old Question - Is Buying Really Better Than Renting? Alexander Jacob - Houses For Sale in Retford

It is without a doubt that most people at some time in their life want to own their own home. However, is buying instead of renting really cheaper in the long term? This fundamental question, unfortunately, does not have a clear-cut answer; yet, there remains the possibility to identify in advance whether the investment will be fruitful or wrought with uncertainty. In this first of a series of articles looking into the matter, we shall be outlining under which conditions buying is more worthwhile than renting.

When All Is Done And Dusted Ensure A Stress Free & Cost Optimised Move - Houses For Sale In Retford

One of the additional costs that you must factor into a move is that of transporting your furniture and personal items to your new place of residence. The fact is, with thorough and timely relocation planning, there is a definite possibility to save money - at the same time as remaining calm and collected about the process. In this article, we shall be outlining some tried and tested methods which shall save you money in the long-run when hiring a professional removal company or doing it yourself. | Alexander Jacob - Expert Advice On Houses For Sale in Retford

Antique magnifying glass with golden handle and convex lens - Estate Agents in Retford

Not only is selling a property a complex decision to make, but it is also a time-consuming project involving organising the move and determining the right price through Market Value Analysis. Discover the process with Alexander Jacob - Estate Agents in Retford.

Turning risk selector button to the medium position. Investment and financial concept.

Calculating the rate of return is an important aspect of financial planning when starting a portfolio of property letting in Retford. he rate of return will differ between rental properties and is dependent on the purchase price, location, property size, achievable rental income and tenant appeal.

To calculate the return of a property, only 3 steps are needed, which we would like to explain to you with a simple example.

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