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The combination of the dark nights and houses being full of expensive Christmas presents makes this season a prime one for home thefts, according to SunLife research published in The Express.

Director of general insurance Simon Stanney said: “With all the Christmas presents in people’s homes – often including all the latest gadgets as well as expensive items like jewellery and watches – combined with the fact we tend to go out more around Christmas leaving our homes unattended, it is perhaps no real surprise that thieves plot to take advantage.”

There is even more reason to be cautious for those moving home, whether into their own property or another house to rent in Retford. This is because their current residence is likely to be full of packed boxes in anticipation for the move. As belongings are already packaged, this makes it even easier for burglars to steal, as they can be easily removed from the house.

Furthermore, some opportunistic thieves could target moving day, as this is when homes tend to be unlocked and there is a lot of movement of people and boxes going in and out of the properties, allowing burglaries to disguise themselves and not be caught.

Therefore, it is a good idea to check everyone entering your old and new home is part of the removal team; tick off each box as it arrives in the new house to ensure they are all there; and keep belongings out of view of the window leading up to moving day.

When it comes to making your new abode secure, Mr Stanney recommended fitting motion-sensitive security lights to deter intruders; laying down gravel outside the front door to be able to hear potential burglars approaching the house; using smart plugs to turn on the lights, TV or radio turn on when you are out to make it look as though someone is home; and hiding presents so they cannot be seen through windows.

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