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But is it actually the best way to go? According to a recent article for Yahoo! Finance, renting might be a better option than some of us think. Take a look at the reasons why they think it’s better to rent - it might inspire you to start looking for property to rent in Retford.

First up is the lack of mortgage debt. Mortgages are a big financial commitment and one that will typically take decades to pay off. You have to decide if you want to have that responsibility and all that comes with it if you decide to buy a property.

If you haven’t bought the home you’re living in, you have much greater flexibility when it comes to moving. Even though you’ll have to give notice you want to leave a rental property, it’s usually a lot quicker to do this than it is to put your home on the market and sell up.

When it comes to buying, you’re often restricted on where you live by your budget. While this is true of renting, it’s not quite so extreme. It’s normally a lot easier to find an affordable rental property in a desirable area than it is to find one that you can buy.

And it seems that an increasing number of people are cottoning on to the benefits of renting in the UK.

Earlier this year, research by home interiors specialist Hillarys found that 35 per cent of people currently renting in the UK would be happy to do so for the rest of their lives. 

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