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Planning the Location

As a general rule, well-being is the highest priority when it comes to the design of the study. Establishing your study with a view of the countryside, or simply in view of green or calm spaces, allows you to relax now and then while working on the screen; in addition to providing new energy and is a blessing for the eyes from staring at spreadsheets and work plans all day long.

Furthermore, choose a room which has an appropriate size for the amount of people using it (i.e. you and your partner, and what about your children as a homework space) so that the room does not mutate into a crammed and restrictive space once the furniture has been installed. Include the number of required workplaces in the planning.

It is a modern trend to use more unconventional spaces for work.  Areas that could not be considered useful or practical before smart, miniaturised, wireless technology enabled using this ‘Third Space’


Integrated Spaces

It is not always possible to set up a completed study in your own home. In this case, the workplace is often integrated into another living area such as the living room or bedroom. This combination is sometimes considered unsuitable as it does not provide a separation between home-life and focusing on work. However, there are numerous ways to plan a productive workplace in another room without upsetting the relaxed atmosphere you obviously want to retain.

Choose subtle, elegant furniture that blends harmoniously into the existing room concept - or simply 'hide' after a hard day's work. Especially important for this: sufficient storage space that prevents the workplace from appearing messy and chaotic. In addition, an intelligent room layout works wonders: Sliding doors or shelves act as practical room dividers, which also provide visual peace.

When the workplace is integrated into a living area, a tidy appearance contributes to well-being of all users and inhabitants. Sufficient storage space which can be blended into the decor of the room in the form of shelves, cabinets, roll containers and drawers allows you to kill two birds with one stone.

There are lots of clever ways that people have incorporated a home office into their properties, even when space and budget is at a premium.  Some designers make use of every available nook and cranny to increase storage, while others look to maintain interest with humorous use of light, proportion and scale.


Where Multifunction Meets Design

If you use your office intensively, functional and high-quality pieces of furniture play an important role in the overall success of the space. Multifunctional is the keyword here - especially when it comes to the desk. A functional desk design, such as a tilt-able or height-adjustable for standing, allows you be optimally adapted to your way of working.

Anyone who sits at the desk for a long time knows what strain this can be on the back - especially if the office chair is not optimally adapted to the body and the type of load. Avoid back problems by choosing a chair that provides comfortable support and the ability to vary your posture throughout the day.

Some experts have suggested replacing traditional office chairs with an exercise (stability) ball.  Sitting requires no muscle activity at all, and bad posture actually decreases your core strength. Sitting correctly uses subtle muscle contractions of the core, hip and leg to maintain balance, which contributes to muscle tone.  More recently, it has been suggested that we should alternate throughout the day between using chairs and stability ball for optimum benefits.

An integrated cable duct protects against annoying cable clutter. Sufficient numbers of power outlets directly connected to the desk - possibly even with a USB socket - ensures that your mobile, tablets etc. are easily at hand whilst being charged. Integrated sockets often prove to be practical helpers, especially when furniture or appliances are placed in the middle of the room.

Another way - not just to create order, but also to collect creative ideas - is the use of a chic inspiration-board commonly used by design, fashion and creative professionals. Here inspirations can be collected; thoughts noted and objects lying around stowed away.


Summed Up

  • Consider the number of future workplaces and their orientation in spatial planning.
  • Elegant and functional office furniture enables the harmonious integration of the workplace into living room or bedroom.
  • Include your personal needs in the choice of desks - an adjustable table top offers many advantages.
  • An ergonomic, adjustable office chair protects your back and increases your well-being at work.
  • Ample storage space ensures visual peace and a productive atmosphere.
  • Cleverly arranged power connections and cable tunnels are particularly practical and avoid annoying cable clutter.


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