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After all the time it can take to find a new home, sell your old one, arrange a mortgage, find ways to save and find the money for the big move, and then sit and wait for it all to be completed, everyone needs a bit of help to keep everything on track, so here are our handy tips for moving home.


  1. Label boxes

When you’re rushing, labelling boxes can be easily forgotten, but it can have a huge impact at the other end.


  1. Use the correct packing materials

You do not want boxes falling apart while you’re carrying them because they’re unsuitable, nor do you want your items becoming damaged, so make sure that boxes are sealed from the elements, strong enough, and adequate for the job at hand.


  1. Seriously consider using a removal company

Many people will have roped in friends to help move in the past, and often with mixed results. A removals company may cost less than expected, reduce the risk of damage, be less stressful, and be much quicker.


  1. Make an essentials box

Make sure you have a box or two with essential items packed for when you reach your new home. This could include toiletries, a kettle, mugs and tea/coffee, phone chargers, and a clean towel.


  1. Check that everywhere has been properly cleared when you leave

And then check again! Making sure you’ve packed everything before you move is a good idea, but it can be easy to forget cupboards under the stairs, the attic, and even the garden shed when you have other things on your mind.


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